Friday, July 8, 2011


 I don't even knowww what this looks like!


I'm going to explain Running Start, for those of you who don't know what it is!

 You go to college instead of high school, but earn credits for both.

I will be doing Running Start next year!! It's awesome, because you only have to take 3 CLASSES A QUARTER! That's like taking 3 hours of school! I will tons of time to make videos! :) 

I don't know if they have this program in every state, but they have it in Washington, and I think Florida..? Not sure though!

I will be taking a web development  class so that I can learn to make a website! Yay :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

clothesss & such

shirt- forever 21 
jeans- Rock & Republic

on blogtv.. hah (:

I bought & tried out st. tropez self tanner... (: someone on blogTV told me to update my blog, uh yeah I'm gonna start working on that!! I'm taking a "web devolopment" class in the fall, sooo I'm gonna try and make a website that looks better...than this. hah!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

heyyy its saturday!

 school is almost out! only one more week! (:

because of snow days, we are supposed to end on Monday the 20th... but no one is really going to school that day! I might actually go though haha.

this is my cat... took this with my canon rebel t3i :)

I was going to have to get 2 teeth pulled on one of the days of finals, but I got the appointment cancelled, yay! I was  really not looking forward to it! haha

monica doing a handstand by the water.. she was falling though! not the best picture

last nightttt my friends allison and kiersten slept over, and we practiced a dance cause were trying out for our schools dance team haha! Allison is the captain so she helped us.. but Kiesten, Monica and I needed her help cause we were kinda forgetting the dance ;)

I am soooo hungry, and my video that I just made it currently uploading to my computer! yay :)

all I have eaten so far is a mocha... which is a drink! I need some breakfast stat!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Banquet & Beach! :)

Hey guys :) Yesterday I had a gymnastics banquet, I made the video/slideshow of course! 

It's pretty good, but I didn't spend too much time making it because I really busy! 

On Friday my new Canon Rebel t3i came! I was soo excieted! :) 

But I had to go to an orthodontist appointment first! and guess whatttt... I found out I have to get TWO teeth pulled next friday! Not fun!
 But it's ok cause they said that this might work instead of surgery, yay :) 

Later I went to the beach and watched the sunset :)
Here are some pictures:

at the banquet! 
I was wearing a cream cardigan (TJ Maxx I think)
a grey lace top from (abercrombie) 
and shorts from (abercrombie)

trying out my new cameraa!

sunset :)
(Me, Happy, Vanessa)

again, trying out my new camera :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bought the Canon Rebel t3i today :) I bought it on Amazon, so it's probably going to come on Friday.. can't wait for HD VIDEOS :)

here I am at disneyland, this picture is sooo blurry though...

thatsssss me at the cheesecake factory enjoying some root beer near Christmas time! haha.

When my Canon Rebel comes, Ill be able to take moreee pictures in really good quality :) not to mention good quality videos!
 I might just make a website instead of just a blog...
 Fun fact: back in the days of MySpace and stuff, I owned a myspace layout website! It was called shocking layouts and I  had a website for it and everythinggg 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

new camera...

I want to buy that camera this weekend!
such good quality! I would love HD videos.. ahh I gotta get it! looks so nice! ever since is saw thatssociciyo's new videos, using that camera, im shocked and i loveee it!

in other news, I won an iPad 2... and am getting it soon! It has HD video (so it says, not amazing but I'm sure its decent) I plan on taking it to school and wherever I go basically, I could make on the go videos! yayyy :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nails donee

HEY! :)

A week ago I got acrylic nails, and its  been like 9 days later to be exact, and they still look good :)

It was my first time getting acrylics, I didn't want to before cause people always talked about them ruining your nails!
 I really wanna try nail shellac next time, if I do, ill do a blog post :)

Here's Monica, my friend Kasey and I in there car after we got them done (it was after we had gymnastics practice), I'm in the back.

Few weeks ago:

Here I am in my friend Marymargaret's car.. she has a VW Beetle :)

aand here's a picture from winter, in downtown Seattle! My hair looked so blonde/light haha.

Sunset.. view housee

The one thing I love about my house is I live like 20 minutes walking distance from the beach.. 

so basically a 1 minute drive! haha :)

 In the summer, the sunsets are the best, I love the view from my house!

The other day I walked to the beach and saw this:

this is Monica at school.. haha. My Dad is a teacherr and I go to the same school as him!

My dream car: 
I love this porsche! Yeah pretty much my dream car.. would totally get it if I was filthy rich (:

For my first car, I really want a BMW! Me and monica would split it, and it would be used for sure, probably like a 2001 or 2002. 
I'm not sure about that though because I would need to save up more money and insurance/repairs for that would be sooo high! Haha. 

What cars do you guys like?

California and school!

I love California... This picture was taken at Santa Monica!

My dream school is UCLA, I would love to go to attend the film program! Being a film director is pretty much my dream.. haha. 
This is UCLA... :)

Anyways, school is almost out for me (yay!), and my grades are not ideal!

 Haha.. I have like 5  B's and only one A! :( I
 thought I was doing pretty good in my classes too! 3 of the B's are B+'s though, so hopefully I can get them up by the end of the year (: 

Can't wait for summerrr! I'm going to try and make a lot of videos haha.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Gift Ideas....

I do not know what to ask for, for my birthday!!

My ideas:

This I want the most, obviously! Aside from being just awesomeeee, I would be able to edit videos better! :)
The only thing is, I would have to pay for some, and I have like $600 dollars saved right now, but I have to spend some on a plane ticket for California, ALSO I'm saving up for a car... so I'm just not sure what to do!

MEK Jeans: They are like $70 SOMETIMES at Nordstrom Rack, which is such a good deal! But I don't think I am going to a Nordstrom Rack anytime soooon...

Tiffany Necklace: Yeaaaaah I like them, but my mom doesn't like this idea.. hahaha :) The one I like is like $125... but im pretty not getting it, i already know.

HD Camcorderrr!:
I would loveeee this! But it wouldn't feel much like a gift, more like..... I don't know. All I'd really use a HD cam for is youtube anyways, and I would LOVEEEE that but I would also like something for my birthday that isnt for just you I dont know. Plus there expensive so I probably wouldn't get anything else.

Sequin Uggs!:
Yeah, there cool! :) But I already have a pair of chesnut uggs, and I am getting Grey Bailey Button (soon, I got a giftcard to get for christmas but there still out of stock at all the nordstroms around me!) so I don't really neeeeed them. Also... who knows... sequins/ studs/ etc are pretty in now, but next year..? Hmph.

Tory Burch Flats:
Maybe. Don't really want 'em thaaaaaat much.

sooooooo what should I ask for ? :\