Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nails donee

HEY! :)

A week ago I got acrylic nails, and its  been like 9 days later to be exact, and they still look good :)

It was my first time getting acrylics, I didn't want to before cause people always talked about them ruining your nails!
 I really wanna try nail shellac next time, if I do, ill do a blog post :)

Here's Monica, my friend Kasey and I in there car after we got them done (it was after we had gymnastics practice), I'm in the back.

Few weeks ago:

Here I am in my friend Marymargaret's car.. she has a VW Beetle :)

aand here's a picture from winter, in downtown Seattle! My hair looked so blonde/light haha.


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