Saturday, June 11, 2011

heyyy its saturday!

 school is almost out! only one more week! (:

because of snow days, we are supposed to end on Monday the 20th... but no one is really going to school that day! I might actually go though haha.

this is my cat... took this with my canon rebel t3i :)

I was going to have to get 2 teeth pulled on one of the days of finals, but I got the appointment cancelled, yay! I was  really not looking forward to it! haha

monica doing a handstand by the water.. she was falling though! not the best picture

last nightttt my friends allison and kiersten slept over, and we practiced a dance cause were trying out for our schools dance team haha! Allison is the captain so she helped us.. but Kiesten, Monica and I needed her help cause we were kinda forgetting the dance ;)

I am soooo hungry, and my video that I just made it currently uploading to my computer! yay :)

all I have eaten so far is a mocha... which is a drink! I need some breakfast stat!


Elisa - Nuvole di Bellezza said...

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kmm said...

my school year ended on June 22;)
I didn't know that you in US end up at the same time though. Great photos and blog, I'm hoping you'll write soon cause I see you havent been here for a while;)

and sorry for my bad english and every mistake, I'm not fluent;/ And as far as I remember it is my first comment in english ;p

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