Tuesday, May 31, 2011

new camera...

I want to buy that camera this weekend!
such good quality! I would love HD videos.. ahh I gotta get it! looks so nice! ever since is saw thatssociciyo's new videos, using that camera, im shocked and i loveee it!

in other news, I won an iPad 2... and am getting it soon! It has HD video (so it says, not amazing but I'm sure its decent) I plan on taking it to school and wherever I go basically, I could make on the go videos! yayyy :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nails donee

HEY! :)

A week ago I got acrylic nails, and its  been like 9 days later to be exact, and they still look good :)

It was my first time getting acrylics, I didn't want to before cause people always talked about them ruining your nails!
 I really wanna try nail shellac next time, if I do, ill do a blog post :)

Here's Monica, my friend Kasey and I in there car after we got them done (it was after we had gymnastics practice), I'm in the back.

Few weeks ago:

Here I am in my friend Marymargaret's car.. she has a VW Beetle :)

aand here's a picture from winter, in downtown Seattle! My hair looked so blonde/light haha.

Sunset.. view housee

The one thing I love about my house is I live like 20 minutes walking distance from the beach.. 

so basically a 1 minute drive! haha :)

 In the summer, the sunsets are the best, I love the view from my house!

The other day I walked to the beach and saw this:

this is Monica at school.. haha. My Dad is a teacherr and I go to the same school as him!

My dream car: 
I love this porsche! Yeah pretty much my dream car.. would totally get it if I was filthy rich (:

For my first car, I really want a BMW! Me and monica would split it, and it would be used for sure, probably like a 2001 or 2002. 
I'm not sure about that though because I would need to save up more money and insurance/repairs for that would be sooo high! Haha. 

What cars do you guys like?

California and school!

I love California... This picture was taken at Santa Monica!

My dream school is UCLA, I would love to go to attend the film program! Being a film director is pretty much my dream.. haha. 
This is UCLA... :)

Anyways, school is almost out for me (yay!), and my grades are not ideal!

 Haha.. I have like 5  B's and only one A! :( I
 thought I was doing pretty good in my classes too! 3 of the B's are B+'s though, so hopefully I can get them up by the end of the year (: 

Can't wait for summerrr! I'm going to try and make a lot of videos haha.