Saturday, June 11, 2011

heyyy its saturday!

 school is almost out! only one more week! (:

because of snow days, we are supposed to end on Monday the 20th... but no one is really going to school that day! I might actually go though haha.

this is my cat... took this with my canon rebel t3i :)

I was going to have to get 2 teeth pulled on one of the days of finals, but I got the appointment cancelled, yay! I was  really not looking forward to it! haha

monica doing a handstand by the water.. she was falling though! not the best picture

last nightttt my friends allison and kiersten slept over, and we practiced a dance cause were trying out for our schools dance team haha! Allison is the captain so she helped us.. but Kiesten, Monica and I needed her help cause we were kinda forgetting the dance ;)

I am soooo hungry, and my video that I just made it currently uploading to my computer! yay :)

all I have eaten so far is a mocha... which is a drink! I need some breakfast stat!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Banquet & Beach! :)

Hey guys :) Yesterday I had a gymnastics banquet, I made the video/slideshow of course! 

It's pretty good, but I didn't spend too much time making it because I really busy! 

On Friday my new Canon Rebel t3i came! I was soo excieted! :) 

But I had to go to an orthodontist appointment first! and guess whatttt... I found out I have to get TWO teeth pulled next friday! Not fun!
 But it's ok cause they said that this might work instead of surgery, yay :) 

Later I went to the beach and watched the sunset :)
Here are some pictures:

at the banquet! 
I was wearing a cream cardigan (TJ Maxx I think)
a grey lace top from (abercrombie) 
and shorts from (abercrombie)

trying out my new cameraa!

sunset :)
(Me, Happy, Vanessa)

again, trying out my new camera :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bought the Canon Rebel t3i today :) I bought it on Amazon, so it's probably going to come on Friday.. can't wait for HD VIDEOS :)

here I am at disneyland, this picture is sooo blurry though...

thatsssss me at the cheesecake factory enjoying some root beer near Christmas time! haha.

When my Canon Rebel comes, Ill be able to take moreee pictures in really good quality :) not to mention good quality videos!
 I might just make a website instead of just a blog...
 Fun fact: back in the days of MySpace and stuff, I owned a myspace layout website! It was called shocking layouts and I  had a website for it and everythinggg