Saturday, August 21, 2010

"What are your Favorite Nail Polishes?!"

                                                 "What are your favorite nail polishes?"

Large Brush!
Well, OPI is my favorite brand, mainly because the brush is HUGE, which makes it easier to apply the nail polish, and it doesn't chip as much as other brands. 

My favorite colors of OPI are...

Dancing in the Isles, Done out in the Deco and Russian Navy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster!

Hi everyone! (: 
Lately I have been wanting to make my hair grow faster and still be healthy, I was to achieve those big soft Lauren Conrad waves, but I need long hair first! (& I don't want to deal with extensions (: )

Above is my short hair...

So.... I need my hair to grow! 

Here some tips on how:
 1. Stimulate circulation in your hair follicles by massaging your hair, and flipping your head upside down and brush the roots of your hair. When in the shower applying shampoo and conditioner, massage it in. 

Massaging my hair
2. Get more Vitamin E. Not an unhealthy amount, but make sure you ACTUALLY get your daily amount of Vitamin E! 
Food rich in Vitamin E are: Almonds, Mangos, Kiwis and many others! I've heard fish oil does as well, but its so- ...gross! Also, try to all around have good healthy... Yep, thats right! Less junk food!

3. Be careful with your hair! You want your hair to strong and healthy. If you ARE using heat, use a heat protectant! When you are out of the shower, comb your hair, NOT brush it, to prevent breakage. 

Teenmakeuptips- Welcome to my blog!

Yay! I made a blog, so I can show you guys swatches of products and other tips and tricks that I can easily make here that I might not have a video on yet.