Sunday, June 5, 2011

Banquet & Beach! :)

Hey guys :) Yesterday I had a gymnastics banquet, I made the video/slideshow of course! 

It's pretty good, but I didn't spend too much time making it because I really busy! 

On Friday my new Canon Rebel t3i came! I was soo excieted! :) 

But I had to go to an orthodontist appointment first! and guess whatttt... I found out I have to get TWO teeth pulled next friday! Not fun!
 But it's ok cause they said that this might work instead of surgery, yay :) 

Later I went to the beach and watched the sunset :)
Here are some pictures:

at the banquet! 
I was wearing a cream cardigan (TJ Maxx I think)
a grey lace top from (abercrombie) 
and shorts from (abercrombie)

trying out my new cameraa!

sunset :)
(Me, Happy, Vanessa)

again, trying out my new camera :)


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