Monday, December 27, 2010

Favorite Youtubers!

My  favorite  makeup youtubers to watch! (:

(in random order)

1. skindeepbeautytips 
Her channel link:
She is so pretty and has really good videos! She doesn't use really expensive makeup so its easier to recreate a look she has done. She is from canada and has great hair (: The only thing is she almost never makes videos! I've been subscribed to her for a verrrrry long time.

2. Euchante
Her channel link:
She does a lot of hauls, which i loveee and she has a DREAM closet! Its amazing! Her hauls are fun to watch because she goes shopping at a lot of outlets and knows how to get a deal :)

3. CarlyCristmas
Her channel link:
Love her tutorials :) Her editing is pretty cool too!

And those are just someee.. :)


neon said...

Shelby! I love your Youtube account and now your blog. you should get feed burner put on this blog so people can get updates.(feed burner sends e-mails to you(subscribers) on updates of your blog). I know Kandee JOhnson has one you should check it out.

her blog is

(thats all you have to type to find her blog)

so ya ok just thing about it

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